Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Mission

It started last month. Theo got this mad look in her eye and I knew I was in for something crazy. Theo is the oldest, which naturally makes her more insane, but this time her idea turned out to be pretty logical. We, being two recent college grads, are still used to having dinner – and the rest of the refrigerator – on our own terms, but living at home makes this rather difficult. However, my sister hypothesized, if we made dinner for the family we could serve whatever we wanted (well balanced meals) at whatever time we wanted (five-ish). I had to agree this sounded, well, sound, but it wasn't until my sister mentioned that this might make mom more understanding when we spent our mornings knitting and watching Doctor Who that I really saw the genius of her plan. We did one test week and it worked out great, now we're ready to try it for real.

The Goal: to plan and prepare a tasty, well balanced meal every weekday for nine people.

The Perpetrators: I, the English major with a love for division and a weakness for baked goods, and my sister, Theo, the knitting linguist who frequently forgets to eat – yes, even baked goods.

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